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Latest Reviews

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The confession [electronic resource] / Jessie Burton ; read by Hayley Atwell.
Author: Burton, Jessie. -- Atwell, Hayley.
Publisher: [London] : Picador, 2019.
Review by: Nickless, Judy Mrs  on: 25/11/2020 9:12:21 PM
Member Rating:
This audiobook was enthralling and its characters were three-dimensional and authentic.

This was a new author for me and an absolute random Borrowbox choice to listen to.

If you enjoy getting to know book characters in-depth then you may just love this one. A solid four stars.
Cover Image
Station eleven / Emily St. John Mandel.
Author: Mandel, Emily St. John, 1979-, author.
Publisher: New York : Gale, Cengage Learning, 2015. -- Detroit, Michigan Large Print Press, 2015. -- c2014.
Review by: jessicacoryne  on: 19/11/2020 9:40:44 AM
Member Rating:
I read this book upon a recommendation and I must say I thoroughly enjoyed it! I was left with an overwhelming appreciation for the world we live in especially amidst the COVID19 pandemic we are currently living through ourselves. Things can always be worse!

Apart from the way this apocalyptic world makes you feel in general the storyline and the way the characters all interlink with each other keeps you invested through every page. My only wish is that it didn't end as I still have so many questions!
Cover Image
Honeybee / Craig Silvey.
Author: Silvey, Craig, 1982-
Publisher: Crows Nest, NSW : Allen & Unwin, 2020.
Review by: Nickless, Judy Mrs  on: 11/11/2020 6:22:27 AM
Member Rating:
Be prepared to put your life on hold to read this book!
The introduction of the characters is swift and no fuss and before you know it you are halfway through the book and on an emotional rollercoaster
Fantastic writing by the Australian author Craig Silvey who wrote the equally excellent Jasper Jones.
I cannot recommend this book highly enough! Five out of five stars.
Cover Image
Midnight sun / Stephenie Meyer.
Author: Meyer, Stephenie, 1973-
Publisher: : Hachette Australia, 2020 -- London : Atom, 2020. -- ©2020.
Review by: Healey, Catherine Mrs  on: 30/10/2020 9:44:20 AM
Member Rating:
Midnight sun by Stephine Meyer Reviewed by Catherine Healey
Midnight Sun by Stephine Meyer is a book that was written for all the Twihards. It was written for everyone that has been eagerly awaiting this instalment for well over the past decade. Twilight fans far and wide can finally celebrate as the much-awaited book 'Midnight Sun' is out after it was believed to have been abandoned when its original draft was leaked way back in 2008. Meyer said that the finished book would most likely not ever be published. But 12 years later she has dared to let it see daylight.
In what I feel to be a truly adorable and heartwarming move by Stephenie Meyer she has chosen dedicate Midnight Sun to the fans who have been there from the very beginning and who are now 20-something year old adults. The dedication reads 'This book is dedicated to all the readers who have been such a happy part of my life for the last fifteen years. When we first met many of you were young teenagers with bright beautiful eyes full of dreams for the future. I hope that in the years that have passed you've found all your dreams and that the reality of them was even better than you'd hoped.'
Midnight Sun is a take on Edward that we almost didnt get to see. When it comes to plot this interproton is literally the same as the original Twilight novel. So please don't go expecting a new story because you won't get one. What you will get with this new retelling of the original story is far more detail and development than we see in the original novel. Meyer seems to have taken the opportunity in this book to expand and develop a lot of things that were left rather vague before and I really appreciated that. There are certainly no surprises in store for the reader with this one. And there really shouldnt be given that its the same story just from a different perspective though because there are no surprises its also not hugely repetitive. There has been a conscious effort particularly in scenes of dialogue to fill in the spaces with Edwards thoughts emotions and interpretations.
However I did sincerely enjoy this new look into Edward's thoughts and found it extremely fun and nostalgic revisiting the story from different angles. Edward is still a vampire but his character is also shockingly self-aware and not nearly as perfect as Bella thinks.
Cover Image
What the dog knows : scent, science, and the amazing ways dogs perceive the world / Cat Warren.
Author: Warren, Cat, author.
Publisher: Brunswick, Victoria Scribe Publications, 2016. -- ©2016
Review by: Patch, Chloe Miss  on: 22/10/2020 2:51:20 PM
Member Rating:
An interesting and intriguing read. Dogs are amazing animals.
Cover Image
See you in September / Charity Norman.
Author: Norman, Charity, author.
Publisher: Crows Nest, N.S.W. Allen & Unwin, 2017.
Review by: Nickless, Judy Mrs  on: 16/08/2020 11:51:01 AM
Member Rating:
Wow! What a story. The serene setting is in stark contrast to the sinister side of this thriller.
I couldn't put this down.
An excellent read
Cover Image
Carousel / Brendan Ritchie.
Author: Ritchie, Brendan, 1981-, author. -- Amram, Naama, editor.
Publisher: North Fremantle, WA : Fremantle Press, 2015. -- Fremantle, Western Australia Fremantle Press, 2015.
Review by: Nickless, Judy Mrs  on: 7/08/2020 6:31:40 AM
Member Rating:
I loved this creepy little book! Such a random find while shelf checking at work.
I am going to have a book hangover for a day or two.
Cover Image
All that happened at number 26 / Denise Scott.
Author: Scott, Denise Margaret, 1955-
Publisher: Prahran, Vic. : Hardie Grant Books, 2008.
Review by: Nickless, Judy Mrs  on: 7/08/2020 6:26:54 AM
Member Rating:
Honestly funny and funnily honest
Cover Image
Thornwood house / Anna Romer.
Author: Romer, Anna, author.
Publisher: Cammeray, N.S.W. : Simon and Schuster, 2013. -- Cammeray, NSW : Simon and Schuster, 2013. -- ©2013.
Review by: Nickless, Judy Mrs  on: 7/08/2020 6:21:44 AM
Member Rating:
I always love stories centred around old diaries and letters and this one really drew me into the family history. Being set in Queensland too it was interesting to read the description of certain locations and made me fall in love with the old homestead.
Cover Image
A lifetime of impossible days / Tabitha Bird.
Author: Bird, Tabitha, author.
Publisher: [North Sydney, N.S.W.] : Viking, an imprint of Penguin Books, 2019.
Review by: Nickless, Judy Mrs  on: 7/08/2020 6:19:06 AM
Member Rating:
I started reading this book as a mere spectator and was taking in bits and pieces at the beginning of the story.

I kept wanting to savour this book as I had a few others on the go at the same time and was a bit distracted.
Along came a cold Saturday afternoon that I spent curled up on the couch in front of the fire with A Lifetime of Impossible Days.
If you open up your mind to the magic of the three Willa's I promise you will be taken on a special journey that will have your emotions in turmoil.
Swinging from crying at the injustice of Super Gumboots Willa's childhood to laughing at Silver Willa's funny nicknames for objects and believing in time travel to change the past before it's too late.
A Lifetime of Impossible Days will make you remember all the things that your childhood imagination brought to life such as the wonders of The Faraway Tree and believing that you could grow up and do whatever you wanted.
If you need a bit of this magic in your adult life then you will love this story.
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